Sunday, September 23, 2012

We all believe we're the one. Are we the Hero or just the Henchman?

In the movie of our own lives we have to believe that we're the lead Actor and that we don't die before the movie ends.
You made it Weird with Pete Holmes: #76 ZACH CREGGER
ZACH CREGGER: We all think we're the one. That's why there are soldiers that will run into -- face first into firing squads in the trenches cuz they think its gonna be my buddy that's gonna get shot. Somewhere deep in their soul I'm not gonna get shot
PETE HOLMES: Every movie we've ever seen we think we're the hero and he always shakes it. That's why we like 'War of the Worlds' where like a car flips over Tom Cruise and doesn't hit him. If you're seeing the movie that's how your life has been...
VIDEO: Austin Powers - The life of a Henchman

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