Monday, September 17, 2012

Make Ruby Real: 'Ruby Sparks' trailer quotes

VIDEO: Ruby Sparks - Official Trailer HD
Ruby Sparks (2012)
Dr. ROSENTHAL: Why do you think you're not writing
WEIR-FIELDS: I don't know. I get a good idea and then Bam! I start thinking its the stupidest thing ever
Dr. ROSENTHAL: Tell me about it?
Dr. ROSENTHAL: I'm glad you found something that inspires you
WEIR-FIELDS: Inspires me! Its like I'm falling in love with her
Dr. ROSENTHAL: That's wonderful
WEIR-FIELDS: I can't fall in love with the girl I write
Dr. ROSENTHAL: Why not?
WEIR-FIELDS: Cuz she's not real
HARRY: There's gotta be some logical explanation. People don't just appear out of thin air
WEIR-FIELDS: I don't know how. Its love. Its magic
HARRY: You manifested a woman with your mind
WEIR-FIELDS: You may see this and think its magic but falling in love is an act of magic...
Half of my friends are getting married. The other half are emailing each other pictures of women enlisting them to help find their "Dream" girl. This movie seems to have the answer.

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