Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Conscious Observer and what happens when Super Mario skips World 2

I've been exploring the complex field of Quantum Mechanics lately and have been fascinated by its implications on reality and consciousness. Its quite a dense undertaking but even the slightest understanding of it is enough to blow your mind. It only invites more curiosity. I'm particularly drawn to the idea that reality is manifested only once an observer arrives to "measure" it.
The Observer Creates Reality simply by Observing 
The truth is, everything in the universe is ultimately Energy, and Energy is influenced by Mind. Something only appears as matter when it is being observed. Quantum physicists talk about electrons, or events being potential, rather than actual physical entities. So that there are various potentials, basically until somebody looks, and then it sort of forces the universe to make a determination about which potential is going to be actualized. All of existence is fundamentally an unlimited quantum field of energy, a sea of infinite possibilities waiting to happen.
As I understand it, its not unlike a Video Game only loading the maps that players have in use. True?

The following video from Dorkly apart from being hilarious touches on existence without a conscious observer. This raises the question of whether you believe animals and other living things are conscious. If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does the program carry out the simulation? Is the following scene even possible without Mario?

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