The 'Lets Get Real' Podcast is the third enterprise under the Loz in Transit banner. Whilst 'Loz in Translation' covered travel and '30 Home Games' delved into sports, 'Let Get Real' will tackle reality.
The blog will be incorporating a Video Game metaphor largely for stylistic purposes. The podcast will lightheartedly deal with big subjects like life and consciousness, the pop culture and VideoGame references serve to help digest things easier.

I'm often thinking existentially and have a round about way of talking. I see into things and view the world in metaphors. My travel blog was less about Tourist photos and Destination tips and more about grappling with the awe and transformation that comes with adventure. My Basketball blog was less about highlights and player news and more about the Sporting spirit and hero narratives.

Find examples here:
Loz in Translation (travel)
- Traveling, living the dream and remembering it: The nostalgia for Wonderland and Muscle memory
- Other people's stories: Tales of: Living in the moment
30 Home Games (basketball)
- Mike Yam and Tim Legler: What drives greatness?
- How long is a dream? Is Jeremy Lin's rap song a one-hit wonder?

'Let's Get Real' is just my way of distilling my overthinking and assorted inspiration into one home without having to tether it to Travel or Basketball. Readers will know I'm a big fan of podcasts, I'll be drawing particular inspiration from comedians Marc Maron, Pete Holmes and Duncan Trussell.

I enjoy being social and have always used conversation to find my place in the world. This is best illustrated by the quote collection I amassed from the interactions I had around Europe. 'Let's Get Real' is essentially a podcast version of those interactions.

Let's get Real. Let's talk about:
The choices we face and what it is we chase
The Vices that thrill us and the poisons that kills us
The skin we're in and the suits we wear
The careers we build and things we collect
 The roads we take and the home we return to

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