Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Let's Get Real - Episode 2 preview: Pursuit of Happiness

lets get real
'Let's Get Real' podcast -  Episode 2: Pursuit of Happiness

This is the second preview of the LGR Podcast, it was an engaging conversation with a fellow CouchSurfer I had just met. I'm still feeling through the format of the show, its fun watching it organically take shape. The Video Game metaphor actually came about after both conversations were recorded, I realised I had unwittingly dropped game metaphors in each one. The premise for LGR crystalised after hearing 'Community' creator Dan Harmon pontificating with comedian Duncan Trussell on his podcast about how our reality was just an advanced Video Game.

I'm still figuring out how to label each episode as the subjects can choose to remain anonymous or use it as a platform to promote their projects and themselves. For now I've assigned Video Game characters that are representative of the conversation had. I will likely label each episode with the subject's job title or field of passion and then a general outline of the material covered. Definitely open to suggestion.

The Episode 2 preview is a conversation about happiness, anchored by some real hardship regarding the lost of a loved one. The 'Pursuit of Happiness' is a topic I feel most long term travelers or anyone who feels they've experienced "living the dream" has wrestled with.

View the trailer for the happiness documentary mentioned in the episode - 'Happy' (2011)

- Comedians Pete Holmes and Ben Schwartz discussing Happiness and the Haters
- Marc Maron with Doug Stanhope: "Happiness is For Stupid People"
- Marc Maron with Adam Carolla: On being sedentary

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