Monday, July 8, 2013

Rhe Dogg and Stephen Fry: Living the life and being unhappy

Our minds our powerful and our existential weight can be immense if we ponder it. Below is a fascinating look at depression as elucidated by Stephen Fry:
Only the Lonely
But I can still be sad. Perhaps you might go to my tumblr page and see what Bertrand Russell wrote about his abiding passions (it’s the last section of the page). I can be sad for the same reason he was, though I do so much less about it than that great man did. But I can be sad for personal reasons because I am often forlorn, unhappy and lonely. These are qualities all humans suffer from and do not qualify (except in their worst extremes) as mental illnesses.

 Lonely? I get invitation cards through the post almost every day. I shall be in the Royal Box at Wimbledon and I have serious and generous offers from friends asking me to join them in the South of France, Italy, Sicily, South Africa, British Columbia and America this summer. I have two months to start a book before I go off to Broadway for a run of Twelfth Night there.

 I can read back that last sentence and see that, bipolar or not, if I’m under treatment and not actually depressed, what the fuck right do I have to be lonely, unhappy or forlorn? I don’t have the right... 
 Nothing captures existential angst as beautifully as Rhe Dogg’s ’Why must I cry’

 VIDEO: "Why Must I Cry" Tosh.0 Remix

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