Monday, June 24, 2013

"What does it all mean?": My little Sister has the answer for the meaning of life

VIDEO: Austin Powers "Whoopty Do, What does it all mean?"

I have this running joke where I'll ask existential questions to people close to me who have no clue or couldn't care less. Its usually targeted to the dog or my little sister, its often during reality TV. "What are we doing?", "What does it all mean?" said in the most pained manner. Its futile and pretty irritating which is why I think its funny.

I bust a gut when I found this in my Christmas Card from my little sister:
To my darling older brother,
I know what the answer is,
Life is being an idiot and doing whatever you want,
keep it up you have been doing it for 32 years...
She gave me $100 and the hits kept coming with this knowing proviso
Love you bro and please
don't gamble this money.
Please use this to buy an iPhone or laptop

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