Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Comedian Pete Holmes on adjacent experiences: Conversations relating to Travel, dreams and life

To commemorate the great news that Comedian and podcast inspiration Pete Holmes will be the new companion show for Conan O’Brien’s TBS show, I proudly present a crosspost from 'Loz in Translation'

When people say "everyone should travel", I think they really mean "people should experience many things", further still "everyone should collect as many feelings". The reason people enjoy books and movies is that it allows them to experience other people's narratives, to identify with someone outside of themselves. That's what travels offers. Whilst we may never truly understand what its like to be on your first international Rock tour or live as a vagabond. We can experience feelings adjacent to it.

Ego tripping in Portugal, having a parallel experience
Comedian Pete Holmes has a very introspective personality which I identify with. I also find him hilarious and profound. The podcast format allows artists to share intimate details and find their true voice not unlike what's offered over dinner or on a blog. Below are posts featuring podcast excerpts of Pete Holmes ruminating on life, I relate it to my own experience and travels.

- Pete Holmes' official website
- Check out Pete Holmes' podcast: You Made it Weird with Pete Holmes

Zach Cregger: Being a kid again - Cave Clanning in La Perouse, Sydney

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