Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Pete Holmes on "getting into it" - People watching, connecting and conversations

New Yorker Cartoon by Bruce Erik Kaplan
Episode 77 - Pete Homes on 'Who Charted?' (Plant-Based Dick)
(1h 27m) PETE HOLMES: I love how they were making fun of this sort of... I've always been interested in how bad conversation is. It's so bad. Most people never talk, ever, never - You understand? Never have a real conversation. Its just transferring, passing this hockey puck back and forth of being like "So how are your kids? Well Tommy's..." Shut the f@ck up! What happens when we die?! Whatever or what are you afraid of?
HOWARD KREMER: Pete is speaking about something I think about often. I can't even pay attention to waiters when they're talking to me. Cuz I'm looking at the real guy, where does this guy live?
HOLMES: That's why I can't get into strip clubs. I can't just look at her as a body, I'm not even trying to impress women or be a feminist. Like "What kind of car does she have?", "What kind of breakfast is gyrating in front of me?"
KREMER: Its people watching
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